Digital Media Measurement & Pricing Summit 2009: Putting emotion into Whirpool's digital marketing and the demographics of podcasting

Geoffrey Precourt
WARC Online

As part of a series of conference dispatches, Geoffrey Precourt reports on Whirlpool's "purpose" driven marketing and the upscale profile of podcast audiences. For his full coverage of the event, click here.

Dean DeBiase, CEO of TNS Media and chair of the Strategic Institute's Digital Media Measurement & Pricing Summit, opened the New York-based event by warning that many hard-pressed marketers have "thrown digital under the bus" (they say, it's all a bunch of Silicon Valley stuff).

But the truth was that the digital revolution had made integration across all media more possible.

Digital media marketers, he added, "need to motivate and enable CMOs to understand media as one seamless effort from print to broadcast to digital and in-store media, pulling creative, planning, and media buying together to enhance brand equity and to engage consumer."

One advantage of an increasingly cautious economy: "Downtime is the best time to build your programs and test them, to get to know your clients and customers and develop the tools you need to help them."

Burnett finds a digital purpose for Whirlpool

A group of Whirlpool employees were working with Habitat for Humanity, building nine houses in nine days. And no one knew anything about it.

"The reality was that this company wasn't getting credit in the public eyes," Mark Renshaw, director of digital at Leo Burnett, told delegates. "And it was a great opportunity to create awareness."

For Whirlpool, the Habitat for Humanity "Block Building" work wasn't born out of marketing or public relations. But when Arc spotted the opportunity for a purpose-driven digital campaign, the pieces fell into place.

"We partnered with Yahoo live to deliver an emotionally charged experience," Renshaw explained. "Block Building had started as a singular event in a specific market, but we brought the experience to the entire world in real time."

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