James Ready: Help Us Help You Campaign

Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto
Client:James Ready
Product: James Ready Beer


Resulting Business Objectives:

  1. Grow James Ready Ontario net sales volume (in hectolitres) year over year
  2. Grow James Ready Ontario market share year over year


Although younger drinkers love the taste of premium beers, they're too expensive to be their volume brand. Discount beers, by contrast, have the price young drinkers want, but not the fun that they thirst for in their main brand. James Ready's opportunity was to address this unmet need for a fun, social brand and to engage its drinkers in a way that was uncommon in the category. James Ready could become the beer of the people.

To accomplish this, James Ready tapped into an underlying cultural fuel: the fun and satisfaction of being part of something bigger than any one person. Our strategy: appeal directly to drinkers by involving them in a cause they could get behind: help keep JR a 'buck-a-beer'. This approach worked and the brand gained momentum. When you engage with James Ready, whether at one of our events, on Facebook or even at a buddy's house reading aloud every cap you crack open, you are incited to interact with the brand differently. Everything we do provokes conversation about how beer brands have traditionally marketed themselves, and creates a feeling of authenticity about JR that separates it from the pack.