Black box media

Joe Mandese

Lately, I've become a big fan of a digital media guru who has been talking more about what he doesn't understand about the brave new world of digital media than what he does. His name is Terrence Kawaja (sounds like cow-wad-ja), and he is one of the principals of private equity firm Luma Partners.

If you've been to any of the many advertising technology conferences held in the US over the past couple of years, you may have had a chance to see Kawaja's schtick. I call it schtick endearingly, because Kawaja is prone to a bit of showmanship to get his message across. His message is simple: that our industry, or at least its next generation of game-changers, seems to be making everything way too complex, and that instead of digital media taking the so-called 'friction' out of planning, buying and evaluating media, it is creating a new technocracy, riddled with complexity and inefficiency.