Levi Strauss & Co: Rear View Girls – Los Angeles

Colenso BBDO/Proximity

Entry Information

Category: Product Manufacturing and Distribution
Country where program ran: International
Dates program started/ended: February 2011 – February 2012

Product Description:

Levi's CURVE ID jeans

Advertiser/Client Name: Levi Strauss & Co, San Francisco
Media Channels: Social Networking

Website: http://www.ourshowroom.co.nz/rearviewgirls/


Marketplace challenge:

Levi's weren't famous for their flattering fit on women. The brand had lost relevance with over 55% of it's audience because it was so hard to find a pair of Levi's that fitted if you had anything different to a model's shape. That was all about to change with the launch of CURVE ID. A range of jeans that fit shape, not size. Levi's asked us to start a conversation to get the brand top of mind to support the global launch of the CURVE ID range.