Trekstock: #HangwithLiamandHarry

Simon Andrews

Campaign details

Brand owner: Trekstock
Agency: Addictive!
Brand: Trekstock
Country: The United Kingdom

Executive summary

Launched in 2010, Trekstock is a small cancer charity that raises awareness and funds for research into cancers affecting young people through music, fashion and arts collaborations. Prior to the charity's campaign, Trekstock's annual income totalled £268,993 (financial year end 2012), the charity had a combined social-media following of about 22,000 and fundraising support across the UK only.

Trekstock's #HangwithLiamandHarry campaign followed a brief introduction between the charity's founder Sophie Epstone and globally renowned boyband One Direction. Through this meeting, Sophie persuaded the group's lead singers Harry Styles and Liam Payne to volunteer as ambassadors for the charity and the agency set to work to find a way to maximize the impact of this development.