PepsiCo embraces real-time marketing

Geoffrey Precourt

"I know you're all going to roll your eyes," Shiv Singh, global head of digital for PepsiCo Beverages, told the audience at the 2013 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Digital and Social Media Conference at Dana Point, California, "but our media budgets actually are quite small."

Shiv Singh

As an organization that records more than a billion consumer servings every 24 hours, he explained, "We need to reach a lot of people every single day. And we do not have the media dollars we need to do that. We have to develop our own reach. We have to think more and more like a media company."

And media companies, he allowed, work most productively when they react to the moment. And one of the new ways that the most successful enterprises make connections with their target audience is through real-time marketing. This is a "buzzword", Singh conceded, and seemingly "every marketer needs to use the term five times a day to keep his job". But behind the hype, it is also "multi-faceted and often goes a lot deeper than we give it credit for," he suggested.