iögo: The new way to say yoghurt

Agency: DentsuBos
Client: Aliments Ultima

Section I — Basic information

Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): Mid August-Mid November 2012

Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: Mid August

Base Period as a Benchmark: This case is about a new product

Section II — Situation analysis

a) Overall assessment

The story that led to the birth of the iögo yogurt brand is unique. After searching for a comparable case in the business world, we realized that nothing resembles it.

Imagine: your company is called Ultima Foods. During the past 40 years, you've created Yoplait's success across Canada. You've built strong blockbuster brands like Minigo, Yop, Tubes and Source. At the end of 2011, your business employs 750 people and you run world-class facilities. Your annual revenue has reached $330 million and grows every year. Your share of the Canadian yogurt market is close to 30%, and you own the 2nd most important market share next to Danone (36%). And this share is twice the size of your closest challenger, Parmalat (Astro), who holds 13%.1