Temporary Linsanity

The last month has seen an unknown bench-warmer of the New York Knicks basketball team – Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin – propelled into the upper echelons of auspicious notoriety. Mr Lin wrote his name in the history books by delivering more points during his first five games as a starter than any of the greats who had gone before him. From this unlikely scenario, Mr Lin has garnered a global spotlight with his own lexicon and, despite a gap of 6 NBA championships and 5 MVPs, his face has appeared on Time Magazine the same number of times as Michael Jordan's.

Time Magazine

Clearly something remarkable has happened beyond the accomplishments of a regular NBA player. Many consider the halo topic to be Mr Lin's ethnicity. In reality, however, the question is one of nationality. Taiwanese media are celebrating a local hero. Sports mega-structure ESPN broadcast every Knicks game live to their subscribers, and free-to-air picks up all highlights. Deep into the city of Taipei, 'Linsanity' t-shirts hang proudly alongside designs celebrating Taiwan's other gems such as Taipei 101.