Apps Daily: Selling an unconventional product through an absent channel to an unwilling customer

Dipayan Chatterjee

Campaign details

Brand owner: Apps Daily Solutions
Agency: MinorityBrand Creation and Management
Brand: Apps Daily
Country: India
Channels used:Packaging and design
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Mobi was a company that defied conventional logic by starting a business selling mobile apps offline through retail. Rebuffed by retailer and consumer alike, Mobi was caught in a situation where it was selling an unconventional product through a non-existent channel to a consumer who found it irrelevant. Through shrewd rebranding, Mobi rechristened itself as 'AppsDaily', thus repositioning itself as a brand that was a part of everyday life, making itself relevant to both the consumer and the retailer. Within a year, AppsDaily had increased its channel by 214% and unit sales by 600%.

Market background and business objectives