Landor Perspectives 2009 – Center of attraction: Customer segmentation helps Westfield USA find its voice

Kara McCartney, insights director, and Kendra Wehmeyer, client director, are based in the San Francisco office of Landor Associates.

Westfield USA considered everyone who shopped in its malls an important customer, from the 16-year-old “skate rat” to the 60-year-old grandmother. In one sense, it was right.

Westfiel“d's patrons were like those of every mall in America—a random mix of teenagers hanging out, seniors shopping for grandchildren, office workers having lunch, moms running errands, and every other type of person you might imagine.

The surprise was that Westfield's smallest group of customers actually turned out to be the strongest foundation for its brand identity and business. And it took the industry's first-ever segmentation of mall shoppers to uncover that insight.