What price continuity in a short-term world?

Chris Baker

Demands for change, newness and freshness are constant in business, and balancing the short term and long term is a difficult trick. Chris Baker looks at brands that have managed to dominate in their field, and explores how consistency can be fused with innovation to produce a potent and enduring property

1990 saw the addition of a new 'longer and broader' category to the IPA Effectiveness Awards, opening up a rich seam of knowledge about the longer-term effects of advertising and its broader benefits to a business. As a result the 1990s yield many great examples of the commercial value of continuity, both across time and across different elements of the brand mix.

Of course, most people involved in brand marketing would agree that an element of continuity is generally a good thing. But look around and you see an awful lot of examples of a lack of continuity in the way many brands are behaving and communicating.