A cost-effective way for testing outdoor creatives

Andraz Zorko
CATI, Slovenia


Outdoor advertising is known to be the cheapest among the traditional advertising media if CPT is considered, but it can be very expensive when absolute numbers are concerned. The same goes for creative pre-tests – they are usually expensive but can save a lot of money. Then there are the smaller markets. The cost for any research for a smaller market is even higher because the size of the sample needed is not a function of the size of the market. The smaller the market, the higher the relative cost of the research. Slovenia is an example of such a small market and pre-tests are a rare occasion. Since it would be too dangerous to say that research is not needed if it is too expensive, we needed to develop some kind of an alternative solution. One of such solutions is the cost-effective way of pre-testing a billboard campaign creative which is described in this paper.