Budweiser Red Lights: Goals across Canada

Category: Yearly Topical Category: Branded Utility
Brand/client: Budweiser / Labatt Breweries of Canada
Lead agency: Anomaly
Contributing agencies: Anomaly, Buzz Products, Universal McCann and Veritas

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Getting Budweiser in the game

It's been said that hockey players have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins. In actuality, this is a more suitable description of Canadian hockey fans. The players give it their all on the ice, but the fans experience an emotional roller coaster at every game – hoping and willing for plays beyond their control.

In America, Budweiser plays a meaningful role in sports by celebrating the best of the human spirit and camaraderie. But in Canada, Budweiser is not as relevant with sports fans. Although America's most ubiquitous brand, Budweiser wasn't in the "Top 3 Brand" preference for Canadian drinkers.