Carambar: The countrywide joke

Marie-Julie Lorenzo

Campaign details

Brand owner: Mondelez International
Agency: Fred & Farid Group (including Kids Love Jetlag, Fred & Farid Media)
Brand: Carambar
Country: France

Executive summary

The case study shows how a French candy bar, Carambar, which had been starting to lose its iconic edge, was the subject of the first social-media-powered joke played on an entire country. In only five days, the campaign had generated the equivalent of a full year of communication without a penny having been invested.

Carambar is famous for the 'jokes' written on its wrapper since 1969, so it was decided to push the joke further in order to remind an entire nation of exactly why they love Carambar.

It was announced that Carambar was about to replace its famous jokes with school exercises.