Sank 'eaven for leettle geurls

Charles Dawson

We should remind ourselves that a significant number of high-spending consumers (though it's not actually their money) are a lot younger than us. Mere children, in fact.

The Consumer Insight column looks at the headline above, and winces. Today, Maurice Chevalier's lyric from the 1951 musical Gigi! resonates with a decidedly queasy tone. Back then no one much imagined a culture that could produce pouting Bratz dolls and catwalk-ready six-year-olds.

Nonetheless, at least one company that caters to juvenile consumer appetites has reason to 'thank heaven for little girls'. Then again, maybe its thanks should go to Andy Mooney, for his intuitive understanding of what makes girl-children squeal with delight and tug their mothers' sleeves.