How the Internet is Reshaping Advertising

Rex Briggs
Marketing Evolution

A lot of new exciting developments are afoot online. But to focus on the evolution of the ad banner to larger ad formats, or the possibilities of SMS or the rebirth of internet video is to miss a much more profound shift wrought by internet advertising. The internet has reshaped consumers and marketers alike. The shift has occurred not as a cataclysmic overnight alteration, but rather as a progression over the last decade in our thinking, processes and applications of marketing. Taking stock of the changes over this last decade is breathtaking. Extending the trends, we can see the shape of things to come. The internet has been the catalyst for a re-orientation of marketing.

If you doubt the changes, reflect on how different your life is, or that of your friends or children as they have become wired. In the past year, I have been to two weddings – both couples met through internet dating. I have friends whose main source of play is managing fantasy sports teams online, and others that love online poker. Neither my assistant nor I have called a travel agent in years; we book on the internet. I have bought books, toys, a vacuum cleaner, furniture and countless other items through the internet. Our finances are managed online. News and research is gathered online. Packages are sent and their progress to destination tracked online. Email is now a far more common mode of communication than telephone. Marketing Evolution, with offices in New York and California, stays connected through Instant Messenger.