Ford Fiesta – Fiesta Movement

Category: Influencers
Brand/Client: Ford Fiesta
Primary Agency: Team Detroit
Media Agency: MindShare
Contributing Agencies: Undercurrent/Action Marketing Group


It used to be “B-car” conjured up images of first-time car buyers and little old ladies who couldn't afford anything else but an econobox that could rattle them from point A to point B (e.g., Yugo, Le Car, Vega). Simply put, they were what you bought when you couldn't afford anything better.

We were Americans, and we loved to be large and in charge on the road in our big SUVs. But one summer of $4.00/gallon gasoline changed all that, and suddenly, small was big. In fact, nameplate familiarity of some B cars jumped 23 points in just two years. The age of mentally lumping all small cars together was over – suddenly everybody knew what a Honda Fit was, people were talking about the Toyota Yaris, and well-timed, splashy ad campaigns from B cars were popping up. All B cars were enjoying higher individual nameplate familiarity (ibid).