Pernod Ricard: Jameson - Taste above all else



Jameson Irish Whiskey is, and has been, one of the spirits category’s true success stories. It’s grown in double digits since 2000. It’s managed to maintain double-digit growth as a premium-priced brand in the worst recession to hit America (and the world) since the 1930s. And it’s managed to – organically – cultivate a cult following among arguably the most influential (and critical) people in spirits: bartenders.

By 2009, we were the world’s number one Irish Whiskey brand. The problem was, we weren’t the small import we were in 2000. We were beginning to be a player in whiskey. If we wanted to take on that role, and take on the big guys; Jack (Daniels) or Johnnie (Walker), we’d need to continue our gravity-defying growth trajectory by using advertising to invite new users into the fold. And, importantly, we’d have to do it without alienating our base of loyalists for whom Jameson still carried the aura of my Jameson; my discovery.