ISPCC: I cant wait


Company profile

At Ogilvy Dublin, we imagine more. We imagine more powerful brands. We imagine more creative ideas. And we imagine more effective communications.

Across our business, we have built a real team comprising the best people. It's what sets us apart. Our most important emphasis is on our people, and the reason for this is that we are in the ideas business. We create powerful ideas that build brands and build businesses. And ideas don't come from structures, or processes, or tools – they come from people. Ideas require imagination, and only people can imagine.

Introduction & Background

Ireland was the most charitable country in Europe in 2011 and the second most charitable nation in the world. But with the Irish economy on its knees it is estimated that charitable donations fell 15% in 20111. With so many Irish families failing to make ends meet, it is no surprise that charities are fighting for a bigger share of a declining donations market.