Hyundai – Assurance

Category: Automotive, Vehicles
Brand/Client: Hyundai
Primary Agency: Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners
Media Agency: Initiative


It's fairly easy to see why car advertising is so self-obsessed and internally focused.

Automotive marketing sometimes has more in common with the long-term horizons of war planning than the short-term flexibility of other advertised products. Even today, it takes on average three years to bring a new car from concept to showroom. When a company like Hyundai says that their goal is to sell 500,000 cars in a given year, it's not an arbitrary number designed to sound bold and courageous. It's because two or three years ago they planned to put 500,000 cars on a boat to the U.S. from Korea, and very soon they will be here, like it or not.

This works well when the financial projection of three years ago remains stable and the economic context is good. But what happens when reality is worse than even the grimmest scenarios ever imagined? What happens when the economy sours too quickly for the system to respond?