Bulmers – Attack is the best form of defense

Branded – Food and Drink
Scottish & Newcastle


Attack is the Best Form of Defence

It is just 5 years since Cantrell & Cochrane (C&C) launched Magners Irish cider in London and Scotland. Featuring a novel over-ice serve, the brand was enthusiastically adopted by a new generation of drinkers over the hot World Cup summer of 2004.

Recognising the threat to their traditional cider brands, Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) gave battle by launching Bulmers in a head-on attack in May 2005.

History has taught us that for enduring success, the on-trade is the key channel in which to establish alcohol brands. Outspent on advertising1, Bulmers went on the offensive with a higher discount to publicans. Gaining from supply problems at C&C, by early 2008 Bulmers had captured 16%2 of packaged on-trade cider sales.