Measuring The 'Daily Reach Of Dailies' And Newspaper Sections

Data modelling for realistic reach and frequency evaluation of schedules

Ingemar Lindberg
Research International
Paul Sumner
Bucknall and Masson
Peter Masson
Bucknall and Masson


Unlike TV and Radio, the measurement of press, using average issue measures, does not take account of the time of exposure or issuebyissue variations in audience. This press readership model, based on estimating readership from any issue of a title in a fixed time period, provides a very poor estimate of the audience delivered at the time (day) the issue appears on a planner's schedule.

There is an increasing recognition of the limitations of the current press readership model, not least in the severe constraints it places on making meaningful multimedia comparisons. But even within the press medium the limitations are apparent for daily newspapers which are often used in a tactical and time related way.