Seven steps to effective social: insights from #IPASocialWorks

Matthew Carlton

How does social drive effectiveness? At the IPA Eff Fest event in London, the IPA, in partnership with The Marketing Society and The Market Research Society, shared details on the opening stage of its cross-industry research into providing authoritative guidance and standardised metrics on this previously uncertain area.

Fran Cassidy, founder of Cassidy Media Partnership, and Stephen Maher, chairman of the Marketing Society, began this session by encouraging the industry to submit examples of their social marketing successes and failures, which could be used for research purposes to develop a system of 'case law' for social media.

Cassidy explained that the this stage of the research included an analysis of 100 publicly available case studies, extensive case interviews, and an exploration with measurement experts and a review of many of the existing research reports (including Warc's own Seriously Social report). Additionally an external peer review by leading social experts acted as a "sanity check" to see if the cases and methodologies would resonate with the wider industry.