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Entry Information

Country where program ran: India
Program start date: 08/14/12
Program end date: 10/28/12
Advertiser/Client Name: Vodafone India
Product/Service Description: Vodafone Business Solutions (VBS) is part of Vodafone, one of the world's largest telecom service providers. VBS offers a range of telecom solutions for businesses of various sizes. From fixed and wireline to MPLS VPN lines, data and bulk sms, the company offers customised solutions for varying business needs.
Category: Communications/Utilities (CU)


Business problem

India is witnessing phenomenal spending on technology by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). 38% of Enterprise IT spending in 2011 was by the SME segment. A proportion that is expected to grow to 43% by 2015. At the same time the consumer mobile market revenues have grown at a meager 2.5%. Hence, it was natural for Vodafone to shift focus to the SME segment in India. Growing at a revenue rate of 15%, this segment had the potential to propel Vodafone's growth ambition in the Enterprise segment. To get a head start, Vodafone ran a very successful lead generation program with the SME segment in 2011. With 80,000 unique leads, this program beat all benchmarks in the country. But a majority of these leads were found to be from key metros. And when Vodafone's Sales Team contacted them, they discovered that these SMEs were already tapped by the competition. As the last entrant into the market, it became imperative for Vodafone to generate fresh viable leads to leverage the advantage created by the first program.