Integrating multiple agencies into one brand team

Stacie Hoffmeister
Belvedere Vodka

Today, just as a lead surgeon relies on a team of doctors, nurses and professionals to perform a complex operation, a brand leader relies on a team of specialists to elaborate an idea into a tightly integrated plan. As a result, a new kind of workplace diversity is emerging: a brand team made up of external agencies. The key variable within the brand leader's influence is the time it takes to get to higher levels of productivity, which is a difficult task in any team situation, let alone when the team consists of people from different companies.

From one brand leader to another, here are some ideas on how to reduce the time it takes to get to high levels of team productivity – and still manage to have some fun at the same time:

  1. Work with the best
    For each marketing function that requires external expertise, hire best-in-class agencies. Don't be seduced or intimidated by sexy client rosters or hefty price tags.