Brand loyalty in the UK sportswear market

John Dawes
Ebrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia


There are many aspects to successful brand management. Principal among them is a sound understanding of the brand's competitive situation as reflected in performance metrics. Managers turn to their market research providers for these metrics, in many cases from consumer panels. How should brand performance metrics be interpreted – is a given score good, bad or 'about right' (Ehrenberg 2001)? This study examines brand performance for sportswear brands, and does so using prior knowledge based on analyses of dozens of other markets (e.g. Uncles et al. 1994; Ehrenberg et al. 2004). Three brand performance metrics are examined as part of this study.

  1. Brand loyalty – of the people who buy the brand, how loyal are they to it? Does any particular brand get more loyalty, or less loyalty, than it should?