World Jewish Congress Foundation: NY Times Appeal

Adams Hussey & Associates

Entry Information

Category: Not-For-Profit
Country where program ran: USA
Date program started/ended: 10/27/10

Product Description: The World Jewish Congress Foundation supports the efforts of the World Jewish Congress to protect the rights and lives of Jews around the world. We receive a large amount of our revenew from a small dedicated group of major donors of just over 3,000 supporters. This package was designed to bond these donors with historic events in Jewish history.

Advertiser/Client Name: World Jewish Congress Foundation
Media Channels:
Direct Mail


Marketplace challenge:

The dedicated Jewish market in the U.S. is extremely limited. That means we need to be extra careful of how we treat our donors once we acquire them, especially our major donors who provide the bulk of our yearly income. Another major challenge was that this group of donors had been offered nearly every possible high end premium available from wall maps, to world atlases, flags, medallions, etc.