Welcome to Web 3.0: insights from Yahoo, AOL, Fidelity and Tremor Media

Geoffrey Precourt

"I bet you all saw Sony's new 84-inch TV, right?" Randy Kilgore, chief revenue officer of Tremor Media, the online video advertising company, asked the opening night audience at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) sixth Annual Leadership Meeting. "I think they're around $25,000 ... But they'll sell. Maybe not to everyone, but to a certain demographic they will sell."

So much for the death of an old medium, continued Kilgore, who took to the conference stage as the IAB chairman for 2013/14. But even as traditional television grows bigger, the IAB contends, digital is growing more diverse: "I'm a lot more interested in what everyone is buying now: iPhones, iPads, Android devices, miniature tablets - basically, portable computers. And we're using them to consume a lot of content, some of which we used to watch exclusively on 'the TV.'"