Chevrolet: Chevy Volt, It's More Car Than Electric

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Brand/Client: Chevrolet
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For the first decade of the new century, there wasn't a single electric vehicle (EV) offered by any major automotive company in the U.S. However, by fall 2010, long-term plans to change this were in the works. Chevrolet was preparing the Volt, and Nissan had its own plans for the Leaf.

In the past, GM has had, to say the least, a checkered history with "alternative" vehicles. Its most recent attempt, the EVl, was launched in 1996. Despite the millions of dollars that were spent on the launch, the EVl failed to overcome the major obstacles that consumers had toward electric vehicles– i.e., that they were, essentially, range-limited golf carts that are lacking in style and performance. GM vowed that in 2011 things would be different.