You love the web... but how much? Measuring the value of the internet

Emmanuel Huet
Boston Consulting Group, France
Gabriela Barrios
Boston Consulting Group, USA

Introduction and context for this research

It may sound strange to the so-called Digital Natives, but, yes, there used to be a world without the Internet. And while that world existed not that long ago—the first IP domain was registered in 1985—it is indeed already difficult for many consumers, especially in the developed world, to imagine living without the Internet.

A revolution in the dynamics of information exchange

The rise of the Internet has been formidable and will continue to be. By 2016, three billion people—almost half of the world population—will be Internet users. Such rapid and massive adoption is in itself a clear sign of the value that the Internet brings to consumers. The benefits of its many uses are obvious and clear: users appreciate the convenience of checking a bank account online, seeking cheaper prices on e-commerce sites, and engaging in Skype communications with a cherished family member, for example.