NetCom: NetCom Turbo 3G

MRM Worldwide/McCann Norway


Category: Communications/Utilities
Country where program ran: Norway
Date program started/ended: January 2008

Product Description: NetCom Connect is mobile Wireless Internet access for PC and Mac. Plug in the USB modem and surf the web – where ever you are.

Advertiser/Client Name: NetCom as
Media Channels: DirectMail


Marketplace Challenge:

The market for mobile broadband in Norway consists of 4 players with our biggest competitor Telenor as market leader with a penetration of 43%, and NetCom (our client) as a challenger with 36%. All companies have communicated “now you surf the web everywhere”. Typical ads display a business man smiling while surfing on a café.The market leader, Telenor appears as business-like, complex and very serious.