Fidorka: An Impish Prank

Agency: Havas Worldwide Prague
Advertiser: Mondelez International
Brand: Fidorka
Country: Czech Republic



1. Stop the declining sales trend and grow sales.

2. Increase value share.

3. Turn long term declining brand awareness and improve overall brand health.

Reintroduce the original positioning of Fidorka, as a playful and fun brand. Inspire consumers to rediscover where the playfulness of Fidorka lay, through reminding them old rituals, spontaneous playfulness, fun and pranks, originally connected to the brand.


Communication Strategy

The media mix was based on effective budget reallocation and aimed to entice consumers to rediscover the spirit of Fidorka and inspire them to playfulness, pranks and fun. Radical innovations were seen in the usage of a speaking shelf and television commercials featuring pranks and disturbances.