Promote Iceland: Inspired by Iceland

The Brooklyn Brothers/Islenska

This is how a country of 318,000 people, with a budget of only £2m1, created a new type of tourism campaign that used people power rather than a traditional communications approach to rapidly change perceptions of tourists globally, adding £127.4m2 to the Icelandic economy with a ROMI of 62.7:13.


Iceland's Economy Under Threat Again
Iceland had transformed itself from one of Europe's poorest countries to one of its wealthiest in the space of a generation4. Fast-forward to September 2008 and Iceland emerged as the biggest casualty of the global financial crisis5. Then, on a weekday evening on the 14th April 2010, another killer blow was dealt to the country's people and economy. The dormant volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, unexpectedly erupted and sent plumes of ash into the Icelandic air. Black ash clouds engulfed the skies and world air travel was thrown into turmoil6. Negative stories spread across the globe and visitor numbers plummeted 22%.