RSM Tenon: Wealth Experience

Tenon, Wealth Experience campaign


Business-to-Business - Printed material promoting products or services to other business users



In 2004, Tayburn helped Tenon develop a truly differentiated brand proposition and visual identity. Since launch, the ongoing challenge for Tayburn has been to create campaigns that not only build on Tenon's unique proposition, but also help drive revenue.

In 2009, the challenge was no different. What campaign could we create that would build the brand as well as sales?

Through consultation with Tenon, we identified that 2010 would see unprecedented change to tax and pension legislation and this would have a huge impact on Tenon's core customer, entrepreneurs. Our belief was that, although entrepreneurs were aware of some of the forthcoming changes in tax legislation and the impact this would have on their business, they may not have fully understood the cumulative impact on their personal income and the need to plan to minimise their liability. If this premise were true, then this would be an ideal opportunity for Tenon to contact entrepreneurs, re-assert their positioning as the leading advisers to entrepreneurs, help them save money and generate themselves fees in doing so.