Using big data for insights-driven conversion

Low Lai Chow

Metrics can be tricky for brands wanting to measure the success of digital marketing campaigns, but it doesn't have to be that way.

That's the view of Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, managing partner and co-founder of Sparkline Analytics, a Singapore-based firm dedicated to delivering insights from data. During a panel session at ad:tech's roadshow in Jakarta in May 2014, he explained that many people were "very focused" on last-click click-through rates, the number of visitors and the number of impressions.

But, he said, "you have to balance what you are looking at depending on the objectives", and they could be broadly defined as being either performance or awareness.

"If you are looking at performance, then conversion rate, average order value, click-through rate, balance rate: these are all very important," he stated. "If you are looking at something from an awareness perspective – 'I just released something new, I want people to understand and know it' – I would be looking at things like how many new visitors you are bringing to the website and how much reach you are getting among the new audience."

Understanding conversion and attribution through data