Broadsheet to Berliner - the theory of relativity

Andre McGarrigle

Treading what is now becoming an increasingly well-worn path for newspapers around the world, the Guardian changed to a smaller format in September 2005. (In the past two years more than 80 major broadsheet newspapers have changed to smaller formats.)

The goals were straightforward: to respond to reader needs by increasing convenience; and, by changing uniquely to a 'berliner' format rather than tabloid, to retain (and improve) quality and differentiate in a crowded and competitive market. (For the benefit of non-UK readers it is worth mentioning that the Guardian's move to a smaller format was preceded two years earlier by that of two other quality daily broadsheets, the Independent and The Times, which both opted for the more popular tabloid format, bringing the number of national tabloid newspapers in the UK to 14 out of 20 nationals in total.)