SOS Kinderdorpen: 99%



SOS Children's Villages, an international NGO, provides family based care for abandoned children. 10 children live together in 1 house with 1 "SOS mother". 7 to 15 houses are grouped in a 'village'.

For the urgent and thorough renovation of their biggest village in Belgium, Chantevent, SOS Children's Villages Belgium needed funding, huge funding.

National context of the campaign

As SOS Children's Villages isn't a major player in the Belgian NGO scene, it wasn't obvious to organise a national fundraising (on TV for example).

The organisation of such an event would take a lot of time, not even mentioning the lack of budget to stand out from the major, well–known Belgian fundraisers such as Red Cross, Unicef etc.


To guarantee normal living standards at Chantevent, some of the renovations that had to be done became rather urgent. Meaning we had to raise a substantial amount of money on a very short notice.