Can a single ad work across China?

YeeMei Chan, Sacha Cody and Sirius Wang
Millward Brown ACSR

To air one ad or multiple ads for China? This is the one question that is increasingly asked by advertising agencies and marketing managers. The diversity that exists within the Chinese market has already been widely accepted by the majority of the marketing community, but when it comes to the advertising budget, the most common practice still is to go with a single ad nationally.

Can a single ad really appeal universally across the diverse cultures and market realities in China?
MillwardBrown ACSR has tested close to a thousand ads across multiple markets throughout China in the last 10 years and only about half of those ads ended up performing similarly. Through a combination of mining through our Linkā„¢ pretesting databases as well as inputs from several specific qualitative studies, we are able to provide some clues to solving this puzzle.

Understanding ad transference