Speed Read – Reshaping Retail

Natalie Cummins

This Speed Read was originally published in Admap – January 2014 issue.

The rise of the smartphone has empowered consumers and the gap between retailers and consumers has widened. They can get reacquainted by returning almost to a local store model

The first edition of Reshaping Retail analyses how technology is changing the retail industry and why retailers must evolve their offering to meet the needs of today's empowered customer.

Central ideas and arguments

The retail industry is on the brink of a transformation powered by digital technology. Retailers' operations have long been underpinned by technology that, until recently, served them by enhancing existing processes. Technology is now in the customers' hands, empowering them and reducing their reliance on traditional retailers. The authors argue that the industry must respond by revising their current models to match changing consumer needs and ways of shopping.