The Relationship between Brand Usage and Advertising Tracking Measurements: International Findings

Butch Rice
Research Surveys (Pty) Ltd.
Richard Bennett
Market Facts of Canada, Ltd.

Every advertiser wants to know whether its advertising is producing results. In an ideal world, the most convincing demonstration of powerful and effective advertising is an immediate and sizable increase in sales volume. In the real world, we know it is rarely that easy to establish such a clear cause and effect relationship. For that matter, it is even more difficult, if not impossible, to come up with a universally acceptable definition of what is meant by effective advertising. For some advertisers, effective advertising may simply mean raising the level of awareness of its brands, while other advertisers will be more demanding in their expectations and measurement criteria. For some, the objective of the campaign might be to create an improvement in attitude toward the brand. For others, it might be to strengthen the image of the brand. In any event, there can be a host of reasons why (effective) advertising will not necessarily result in an immediate increase in sales volumes.