Aging Asia: how brands are tackling Asia's aging population

Dave McCaughan

Aging Asia

This article is part a series on how brands are tackling Asia's aging population. Read more.

For years I have been frustrated by marketers who seem to be ignoring the single biggest growth market in Asia Pacific: those over 60. I was frustrated at market researchers because they nearly always stopped any broad population study at 59, or thought stretching to 64 years of age was a big deal. I was equally frustrated with my old colleagues in advertising agencies who lived under the misconception that there was no point targeting anyone over 60 "because they don't buy things, and they certainly don't try new things".

No matter who I talked to about the new older population, they invariably nodded in agreement while, in their head, actually pictured their own grandmother from 20, 30 or 40 years ago and thought nothing had changed. I was frustrated with myths about marketing to the late-middle aged (yes, that is the 55-70 year-old bracket in most markets now) that are usually based on a total lack of reliable knowledge.