Amy's Kitchen


Client: Amy's Kitchen
Category: Packaging (Branded Food)

Executive summary

Amy's Kitchen is a family owned business, the largest Natural frozen food brand/manufacturer in the US, turning over $325 million, employing 2,000 people. Their products are vegetarian, using natural and organic ingredients and still sold as a mass-market brand in the US.

In the UK, however, Amy's Kitchen had for 10 years been a niche brand sold in Independents and health food stores with a small presence in the Supermarkets (Waitrose and Sainsbury's).

In 2009 they were delisted from Sainsbury's despite having great products in a growing category (Free From in the frozen category had grown by 17.7% year on year - Kantar March 2011). Asda loved Amy's Kitchen products, but did not list them, as the US packaging did not resonate with UK consumers or buyers.

Amy's Kitchen ambitions were:

  • To bring the Amy's Kitchen brand and all natural vegetarian products (some free from) to a wider audience in the UK
  • To re-establish the supply chain through the supermarkets
  • To expand the product range in the UK
  • To expand distribution into Europe