American Cancer Society: Making strides against breast cancer

Russ Reid

Entry Information

Country where program ran: USA
Program start date: 08/01/12
Program end date: 11/30/12
Advertiser/Client Name: American Cancer Society
Product/Service Description: Defeating breast cancer is essential to the American Cancer Society's mission. So they sought to generate greater awareness, participation and revenue through their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. By testing market awareness and direct-response fundraising at the local level, we determined the most effective way to fight back.
Category: Not-For-Profit (NFP)


Business problem

Breast cancer strikes us all too close to the heart. And there are considerable obstacles to the goal of raising funds to stop this dreaded disease. Escalating costs to provide programs and services to help those fighting breast cancer right now, in addition to helping fund groundbreaking research to finish the fight against cancer, matched with an economy that is still not fully recovered all add to the challenge. When times are tight, wallets tend to stay in pockets. Even for the best of causes. For the American Cancer Society, events have long been the dominant strategy for awareness and fundraising. It feels good to get out there, dressed in pink, walking arm-in-arm with like-minded cohorts, sharing your commitment to end breast cancer and change the world for the better.