Nespresso – Nespresso George Clooney II (GOLD)

Client: Nestle Nespresso S.A.
Brand: Nespresso
Campaign: Nespresso George Clooney II
Category: FMCG

Nespresso created the portioned coffee system in the mid-eighties, and captures most of the value generated by its invention thanks to a closed system controlling the capsules distribution.

The entry of consumers in this direct sales system is the essence of Nespresso's business model: the purchase of a machine leads the Club Member to generate long-term value for the company.

Nespresso's advertising mainly aims at enlarging Club Membership, with a double strategic challenge for its agency at the end of 2007: Firstly, to maintain the pace of membership growth by increasing the spontaneous awareness in most mature markets likes Switzerland or France and secondly, to accelerate the entry of the brand by increasing its total awareness, whatever the espresso culture (strong in Italy and Portugal, weak in Spain and Germany) whatever the level of competitiveness (high in Germany, growing in Italy, low in Spain and Portugal) in new markets.