How Timex's in-house agency saves time and money

Stephen Whiteside

Timex is a brand that knows every second counts – and the watchmaker's in-house agency has embraced this principle by driving greater efficiency and effectiveness on a limited budget.

"When we approach a project that's in front of us, we need to see beyond it, because I never know when I might have the opportunity to do a shoot again," Michael Muligano, vp/creative services at Middlebury, Connecticut-based Timex Group USA, told attendees at the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF) in late 2013.

As evidence, he cited a campaign from the last quarter of 2013 that featured pictures and footage collected during a three-day shoot in San Diego in July 2011. The primary aim, Muligano told the Boston audience, was to secure material to promote the Ironman Global Trainer, a watch incorporating GPS technology. Ultimately, this content long outlived the initial marketing programme.