Ogilvy on Recession - Turning shoppers into buyers

Tim Broadbent, Kent Wertime, Christopher Graves, Jeff Froud, Jerry Smith, Soames Hines and David Young


"It is not the strong, nor the intelligent who survive, but those who are quickest to adapt."
Charles Darwin

How to increase your profit when times are tough

We face one of the most challenging business environments for years. Recessions caused by liquidity problems are particularly severe. In recent months we have seen major financial institutions and the world's stock markets collapse. Your company needs to take urgent action to win through.

Some companies do succeed in recession. They see it as an opportunity for growth. While competitors panic, they stick to a plan.

This book is based on Ogilvy's experience of winners in recession together with research into best practice. The new PR - leveraging digital influence to drive sales and reputation is only one of the issues that confront you. Ogilvy also offers practical advice on other potential pain/gain points in your company, including:

  • Optimising the Marketing Budget in Recession
  • How to Get More Effective Advertising
  • Digital in a downturn: Smart strategies for tough times
  • The New PR - Leveraging Digital Influence to Drive Sales and Reputation
  • Improving Sales Force Performance
  • Optimising Production Expenditure and Creative Assets