Fórum dárcù: Give properly (Pomáhat je v módì)

Client Company Name:Fórum dárcù
Brand Name:Fórumdárcù
Agency: Ogilvy One a.s Prague
Category: Event Marketing; Small budget campaign; Cause, Charity/Non-profit Marketing or Social
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: Czech Republic


People often give money to charities on streets without knowing how the charities will use it. Following several frauds and fabricated charities, the Czech Donors Forum (a charity working as an interest group to unite major Czech charities) decided to launch a campaign that would make people think about what exactly they are donating money to. They were directed to Donors Forum website www.darujspravne.cz (www.giveproperly.cz), where they can donate to certified charities using a unique payment system.