Pinpointing Political Passions

Throughout the presidential primaries, politically minded young Americans have shown up in record numbers this election season to demonstrate their passion at the polls. In fact, the turnout among 18- to 29-year-olds for the first of the 2008 caucuses in Iowa was more than triple that of the 2000 and 2004 Iowa caucuses.(1) The turnout alone is impressive, but young voters are also doing their part to get the scoop on the candidates and the issues. Whether from the debates, magazines or their Facebook accounts, they're engaged long before they ever enter the polling station. This week's MONITOR Minute takes a look at Young Politicos and how you can tap into their fervor and ambition without actually running for office.


The days of youth feeling ignored and unimportant are dwindling, if not over. Today, 85% of this key demographic feels their vote counts, up from 75% just a year ago. (2) With higher personal relevance comes greater involvement, and for Young Politicos, their passion doesn't stop at Election Day 2008. More so than Non-Politicos, these individuals feel called to leave a legacy—taking an active role in the presidential election is likely just one footprint in the path they plan to forge.