Chinese mobile preference

Jan Van den Bergh

Recommendation scores gathered online for mobile brands in China reflect the market's high volatility.

The rise of Chinese consumerism can be seen across many sectors. One of the fastest-changing sectors is the mobile handset market, where several brands - both international and domestic - battle it out to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese consumer.

Online research carried out by Holaba, based on the Net Promoter Score, looks at some of the major drivers in this sector, as well as how different demographic groups and regions respond to brands.

When we surveyed 28 mobile phone brands in the first half of 2011 and asked our registered users which ones they were likely to recommend, we were surprised to have only seven brands with a positive score - two from the US, one from Finland, two from Taiwan and two from China. The rest had more detractors than promoters and ended up with a negative score. Here we will look at six of the 'winners' - Nokia, Apple, Dopod, HTC, Lenovo and Meizu.