Digging Deeper Down into the Empirical Generalization of Brand Recall: Adding Owned and Earned Media to Paid-Media Touchpoints

Frank Harrison


Management slant

  • Users of brands have a higher propensity to recall seeing/hearing the brands that they use than non-users (other category buyers) of those brands across all paid, owned, and earned touchpoints. Though, on average, brand user recall is 1.7 times higher than non-user recall (the user multiplier), there is variance in the user multiplier by product category, brand size, market maturity, and touchpoint type (paid, owned, earned).
  • Marketers in categories with higher multipliers—for instance, Pet Care and Financial Services—have a harder job reaching non-buyers.
  • Larger brands have a greater ability to reach out to non-users than smaller brands. Because smaller brands have a harder job reaching non-buyers, they have to work harder/smarter than larger brands.
  • For marketers who want to reach out to all category consumers through paid, owned, and earned media, paid media have greater ability to reach non-buyers (and buyers); owned and earned media have greatest traction among existing buyers.